At Atlantic RV our professional service team is here to give you the personalized service you won't find at larger sales driven dealerships.  We pledge to work in a timely and professional manner to complete all of your service needs.  Our commitment to the proper servicing of your RV begins with our Master Certified factory trained technicians and customer service representatives.  We take pride in servicing your vehicle ranging from a major collision repair to preventative maintenance.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.  If you have any questions or concerns, major or minor, please call 540-825-8820.


We also work with all major insurance companies and extended warranties.


NOW OPEN - Retail parts and accessories store for your convenience!


Listed below are some of the many services Atlantic RV offers.




  • Collision Repair

  • Water damage

  • Aluminum Siding

  • Structural Repair

  • Blowouts

  • Fiberglass

  • Roofs

  • Front / Rear Cap

  • and more...





  • Tow bar bracket

  • 5th Wheel hitch

  • Generators

  • Awnings

  • Air Conditioners

  • Brake Control

  • Appliances

  • Leveling System

  • and more...




  • Annual Check-up

  • Tube to Flat TV Conversion

  • Roof Seal

  • Appliance Service / Repair

  • Electrical 12v / 120v

  • Slide Mechanism

  • and more...


Pre-Purchase / Pre-Sale Inspection

This service can be used to help give buyers and sellers confidence during their


transaction and save you thousands in unforseen expenses.  It includes inspection of


the following areas and we can also address specific customer concerns.  ** this does


not guarantee or provide any type of warranty.

RV101 - We answer your "How To" Questions

Are you new to RVing?  Just purchased your first unit?  Have some questions on the operation

of a particular appliance?  In our RV101 tutorial we will walk you  through the operation of

your RV, providing you a tutorial on many items from appliances, to the water system,

electrical system, etc...  We know it can be a little overwhelming learning how to use all the

appliances, hooking up your new trailer, what chemical or roof sealant to use, or how to dump


your tanks.  The great thing about this class is you tell us what you need to know and the


pacing is up to you!  This tutorial is available by appointment only.

Water Leak Pressure Testing

Water can be an RV's worst enemy as it can come from any number of locations.  Often times


the best way a shop has of locating a leak involves visual inspections only.  This method can


often lead to multiple trips in order to locate and repair leaks especially since they may be


coming from multiple locations.  At Atlantic RV we have the capability of performing a leak


test by pressurizing the RV which more accurately reveals the source or sources of leaks than


visual inspection alone.  This can drastically cut down your time lost traveling back and forth


to a repair facility and allow you to spend more time camping.  **Repair of leak(s) additional.